Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich forms Alliance with Canara Bank

Apollo Munich Health Insurance and Canara Bank have finally reached to a decision of working together to ensure that all current and future customers of Canara Bank will be covered for Health Insurance by Apollo Munich. This grand event took place on Monday, 7th October 2013 in Bangalore where Apollo Munich Health Insurance formed alliance with state-owned Canara Bank and formally launched its partnership. Main motive behind this tie-up is to offer health insurance to Canara Bank Customers across the country.

Canara Bank is targeting to earn a fee based income of Rs 100 Crore from this bancassurance business in the following one year. It is basically the distribution of insurance products through a bank's network.

Antony Jacob, CEO Apollo Munich, applauds this great achievement by stating, “Canara Bank marks the first in what I expect will be an illustrious group of partners we will work with, as we continue our foray into Bancassurance.” In addition to this, Canara Bank, Chairman and Managing Director, R K Dubey, stated that, they have tied up with Apollo Munich Health Insurance to offer health insurance products to their respective customers. Along with this, they shall also be offering their customers with a few tailor-made products. However, as of now, the bank has a fee-based income commencing with the sales of insurance policies for an amount of Rs 15 Crore.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance and Canara Bank will be working together under a Corporate Agency model. Apollo Munich has also developed some exciting products that are exclusively meant to facilitate Canara Bank customers. Furthermore, these exclusive products are still in pipeline and are progressing at every stage. Their respective teams are also running very busy so as to ensure that they recruit and train sufficient staff, which would provide all the much needed support. In addition to their efforts, they are also deploying some state-of-the-art technology to ensure the success of this alliance. Antony Jacob, CEO Apollo Munich also stated that, "Apollo Munich is committed to work with the bank to ensure excellent training, product support and smooth operational processes, so that customers enjoy uncomplicated health insurance products and services".

Apollo Munich is a famous brand in the insurance market and it is well known for offering wide variety of innovative insurance solutions to the masses. It offer products not only for health insurance, but also provides numerous plans for travel as well as accident insurance. In almost all its plans, there is no charge for claim-based loading, no co-payment and no sub-limit. Furthermore, it offers its buyers with benefits like life-long renewals, cashless treatment across all its 4500 network hospitals, coverage for daycare procedures, domiciliary treatment, etc.

The plans offered by Apollo Munich are designed in such a manner that they cater to the ever changing needs of an individual. Along with this, all its products are available at an affordable premium. This helps an individual in availing best of medical care practices at significantly lower prices. In times when medical care costs are soaring to new heights, having such insurance products surely gives a respite from inflated medical bills. Apollo Munich has constantly been working towards introducing innovative health insurance and wellness solutions that meet its customer needs.

For the esteemed customers of Canara Bank, Apollo Munich Health Insurance offers two of its flagship products. One is Easy Health and the other is Optima Restore. Both these products provide a person with comprehensive health coverage at affordable premium. Under Easy Health, an individual gets coverage for pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, in-patient treatment, domiciliary treatment, day-care procedures and ayush benefit. Along with these benefits, this particular insurance policy also offers some additional benefits like coverage for  maternity expenses, outpatient dental treatment, contact lenses, hearing aid, spectacles, e-opinion in case of critical illness. Easy Health also provides certain other benefits too, under which it offers coverage for eight critical illnesses, which is completely optional. Along with this, it makes provision for cumulative bonus, free health check-up and the most sorted after tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Optima Restore is yet another flagship product Apollo Munich has in list for Canara Bank customers. This very plan is truly and completely unbelievable. The benefit it offers is that of doubling an individual’s sum insured if there has been no claim for past two years. Furthermore, it also reinstates the entire sum insured, in case it gets exhausted within the tenure. This insurance plan is one of a kind in the entire insurance market. It is very unique and offers an unbelievable benefit.

Apollo Munich dedicatedly works towards providing people with insurance plans that are written in uncomplicated language. It has been trying to reduce the usage of typical insurance jargons in its policies and mostly it restrains itself from using insurance terminology, so that an individual is able to understand the policy without facing any great difficulty. As it understands that when any individual decides to buy any given health insurance policy, he or she has complete right to know what is the kind of coverage and benefits that are being offered in lieu of their hard earned money. Insurance is an investment decision one makes in order to secure his or her future wellbeing.

Apollo Munich has been constantly making efforts to offer people with innovative health, travel as well as accident insurance solutions. Furthermore, it is a standalone health insurer offering innovative insurance solutions all across India. This tie-up between Apollo Munich Health Insurance and Canara Bank is yet another step towards reaching out to the masses and offering them with best of insurance facilities.

Apollo Munich Bagged Bronze in Effie Awards

Apollo Munich won a Bronze in the Effie Awards 2011 for the effectiveness exuberated by its marketing campaign – ‘Making Time to Pause’. With this award it brings home the recognition for coming up with innovative and most effective marketing communication being carried out.

Effie Awards essentially recognize, educate and encourage effectiveness among the marketing communications industry. The Effie Awards were founded in 1968 by the American Marketing Association, New York Chapter, as an awards program to recognize the most effective advertising efforts in the United States each year. Since 1968, and particularly in the past five years, Effie has become a source of learning through conferences, judging discussion and briefs providing opportunities for insight into effective marketing communications across the world. Honoring Apollo Munich with such prestigious award, it has identified the genuine efforts put in the marketing strategy by the company.

Apollo Munich always aims at coming up with new ideas. It always encourages the different and pave way for exploring all the possibilities. Since the year it started its journey in health insurance sector, it has come up with several effective measures. To introduce its innovative products in market, the company makes attempt to make a unique appearance. This leads the insurer to come up with various campaigns. ‘Pause Campaign’ was one such initiative. This campaign was based on the concept of reminding people to take time for self. It aimed at drawing attention towards healthcare needs- the most precious asset of life. The campaigns introduced the need to take a ‘pause’ and think about the medical care needs. It is here that Apollo Munich works while keeping itself intact with its customers. Considering the busy life schedule that all of us are leading in the present date, it came up with this marketing campaign. This ad was to remind people of one such crucial aspect that most of us, in general, ignore. Introducing effective marketing campaigns like this, Apollo Munich makes communication network smooth. It grabs the attention in an easy way. More so, in an uncomplicated way and simple policy wordings it allows easy understanding of the policy.

Having acclaimed a Bronze in Effie Awards, Apollo Munich won itself a prestigious position in effective marketing strategies. It is one amongst the several awards that it has bagged. Building upon its innovative and out of the box thinking, it has introduced several such impressive campaigns. With consistent and concentrated efforts, Apollo Munich takes along the experience of expert partners. Having received numerous positive reviews and being the choice of millions of families, it has given the proof of its trusted services time and again. It has devised myriad of comprehensive health plans. The categories include insurance products for health, travel and personal accident. Buyers can opt for individual, family and senior healthcare coverage. It offers services to corporate sector. There is a provision for healthcare coverage against major as well as minor illnesses. Believing in effective working, Apollo Munich builds upon the basic concept of “Let’s Uncomplicate”.

Making a remarkable contribution in Indian Health Insurance market, Apollo Munich offers a gamut of easy healthcare products. Its tailor made plans are framed in varied sum insured options. Moreover, its policies brings along the promise of great customer service, comprehensive coverage, cashless hospitalization, 100% lifelong renewal and tax benefits. Well trained sales partners, effective customer service network and customer oriented approach enable the company to emerge with flexible medical care products. Apollo Munich thus remains in news for taking effective initiatives that can resolve healthcare worries. It thus foresee a healthy future of country. 

Apollo Munich bags Brand Leadership Award

Apollo Munich was recognized by Indira Group of Institutes, Pune in a glitzy award ceremony on 2nd March 2013. The company was presented with the Brand Leadership award at Indira Marketing Excellence Awards.

These awards are presented to those corporate firms who dare to dream beyond the boundaries and who have put passion into building their Brands. It is a platform for those who have shifted the Paradigm in setting a new trend in Brand Excellence.

The Awards are judged by Independent Jury, which comprises of Business Leaders, CEO’s and Experts in the field of Advertising & Marketing. The award ceremony showcases India’s best talent in Marketing, Branding, Creativity, Advertising and Communication.

Over the last 11 years the Indira Marketing Excellence Awards have become a Benchmark for many to emulate recognizing Excellence in the broadest way possible. The Awards are presented by the Indira Group of Institutes, Pune and the Strategic Partner is CMO ASIA. The theme for this year is ‘Brand Sustainability- presenting brands who have sustained over the years, innovating and re-innovating to keep up with the changing times.’ This prestigious award is a symbol of Excellence and tribute to the brands who have taken the leadership position through sustainable brand objectives and initiatives.

This award has brought great honor to Apollo Munich. The company claims to provide easy healthcare solutions. Having climbed several milestones in its journey, it has come a long way serving people with best- in class services. All its products have come up with one or the other innovative feature that make health insurance coverage unique for all its customers. Apollo Munich strives to uncomplicate health insurance for citizens of India and continues to bring innovative products for citizens of country.

Introducing innovative products and strategies time to time, Apollo Munich has served people with numerous options. It has devised variety of plans to provide shelter against all kinds of health risks. It aims at resolving all healthcare problems of citizens of India. Making its services easy to understand, it provides all information in simple policy wordings. To serve people with the required kind of coverage, Apollo Munich keeps a track of changing healthcare needs of people. Thereby it formulates products that can fit into the frame of their needs. It continues to maintain the leadership position of its products and services with constant efforts and awards like this brings recognition for the company and gives encouragement to keep doing the best.

Apollo Munich aims to improve the healthcare conditions across the nation. It works with a broader view of providing a secured future to all. With this aim, it has formulated plans not only for individuals but also for family and senior citizens. Comprised of long list of benefits, its plans are easy to fit into frame of varied healthcare needs. They are tailor made, hence flexible enough to find a comfortable space in savings account. Moreover, all its plans claim
to be comprised of several insurance benefits. With such options, health insurance coverage becomes comprehensive yet beneficial.

Working with innovative ideologies and thought process, Apollo Munich has always come up with something new and different. This allows people to choose the best suitable plan for self. Where on one hand, Apollo Munich keeps the focus on quality and best- in class services, at the same time it ensures healthy environment for effective results.

Apollo Munich Wins Innovation of the Year Award

Apollo Munich Health Insurance- a standalone health insurance provider in India bags a prestigious ‘Innovation of the Year’ award instituted by Asia Insurance Review at its Sixteenth Asia Insurance Industry Awards in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. The company was honoured this coveted award in recognition of the unbelievable product, Optima Restore. With this honour, Apollo Munich became the first ever standalone health insurance company to win an award at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards. Also it is the first Indian General Insurer to win this award.

The ‘Innovation of the Year’ award, the most sought after category, saw numerous entries from different parts of Asia, as it recognizes and rewards the idea that generated the most innovative approach to a significant business area with real impact on the market or business. Optima Restore brings this award for Apollo Munich for introducing first of its kind benefit in health insurance industry. Competing with several major companies throughout Asia, Apollo Munich made its way right to the victory. Thereafter, undergoing the drilling session of the interview followed by the challenge session, judges took the decision and awarded Apollo Munich with this coveted award.

This is a great honour for Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company giving it a recognition for making genuine efforts through unique products like Optima Restore. The insurer has come through a long journey. It always encourages new ideologies that can help make life easier and health insurance uncomplicated for citizens. 

Optima Restore is a health insurance policy that stands out with truly unique benefits. These benefits being introduced for the first time in health insurance industry gained the attention of majority of people. It received great response in market bringing along excellent results. This product adheres to its title of “Unbelievable”. Driven by the truly innovative approach, Apollo Munich launched this product to resolve healthcare worries simultaneously making the insurance coverage beneficial for buyers. It is thus a truly deserved award that encourages new ideas to develop in medical insurance sector.

Apollo Munich works with defined set of values and vision. Accompanied with hard work, efficient working and expert guidance, the company aims at meeting the target of customer satisfaction. Having launched a plan like Optima Restore, it has given an opportunity to people to enjoy comprehensive coverage along with unique insurance benefits. The ‘Restore Benefit’, restore the entire sum insured amount if the insured happen to exhaust in the middle of the policy period. This allow other family members to enjoy healthcare coverage under the same plan in times of need. On the other hand, ‘Multiplier Benefit’ offers services as per the name. It multiplies the amount to offer no claim bonus. Increasing the sum insured amount (maximum up to 100%), it makes the benefit of no claim bonus unique. Both these unique benefits can be availed without any extra charge. Along with this the plan features yet another list of unique healthcare benefits.

The plan also resolves the affordability issue. It is available in the sum insured ranging from 3 lakh to 15 lakh. It thus makes easy for all income groups to enjoy unique healthcare coverage without any burden on pocket. With such unique benefits, Optima Restore came into market as an Unbelievable health plan. Adhering to its tagline, it gives the option of availing innovative insurance coverage at reasonable price. With this plan, one can opt for comprehensive coverage along with wide ranging insurance benefits.

Apollo Munich works with the endeavor, to service its customers better and uncomplicated health insurance for them. Its vision is not merely restricted to settling down the claim but is actually interested in customer’s all round well being. Holding the hand of the client, it assists them in their towards good health. The broader aim is to improve the healthcare condition all across the nation. With this view, Apollo Munich is looking forward to emerge with several innovative options like this in future.

Apollo Munich Bags Best Employer Brand Award

Apollo Munich is a pure health insurance company. It is a joint venture between Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health. It has launched several innovative healthcare products. With the provision of individual, family and senior health insurance coverage, it offers wide range of variety. In this way, it has provision for coverage against all sorts of health risks for people age and all income groups.

Making a remarkable contribution in Indian health insurance market, Apollo Munich has won several awards for best services. It has won Best Employer Brand Award conferred by Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) - for being a Role Model and Exemplary Leader in benchmarking talent and HR practices by:

Scaling and managing complexity.
Committing to continuous improvement by encouraging and nurturing the value of learning and a mind-set of excellence through continuous training and development.
Pledging commitment to professional growth.
Measuring organizational health and inculcating values that help in achieving the vision of a social employer and future leader.

This recognition has been an honour for Apollo Munich giving encouragement to continue in its journey of providing easy healthcare solutions. More so, it help establishes a culture of excellence. With this award, the insurer once again shines out for the efforts made towards the benefit of mankind.

Apollo Munich believes in recognizing and bring upon new talent. With professional training, it gives the platform for immense growth. All these features combine to help deliver quality services to its customers. Committed to deliver high- quality services to its customers through innovative and expert products, integrity in process and uncomplicated services, Apollo Munich builds upon the tagline of “Let’s Uncomplicate”. Driven by genuine efforts to provide easy healthcare solutions, it has wide range of options for Indian citizens.

Working with defined set of values and vision, Apollo Munich Health Insurance grows in a healthy environment. In a flexible environment, it is open for new ideas and for continuous improvement by nurturing the learning values. With the mindset of giving growth opportunities to all, the insurer concentrates on all the effective that can be  introduced from time to time.

Keeping a track of need of its customers, employees and all other partners, Apollo Munich always encourages learning, developing and promoting ideas to introduces never before benefits for people. With a pledge to serve citizens of country with uninterrupted services, today it has numerous innovative healthcare products to meet customer needs.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company simply concentrates on the changing healthcare needs of people. By exercising regular surveys, it keeps a track of present healthcare requirements of masses. It has introduced different health insurance policies adhering to the kind of coverage people are looking for. To be the best health insurance provider it has come up with affordable healthcare policies that comes easy on pocket yet looks after the healthcare needs in any such situation. In this way, Apollo Munich keeps up with customer building and maintains trusted partnership with them.

Individual health insurance, family health insurance, group health insurance and senior health insurance- all options are available with Apollo Munich. Moreover, it has health insurance coverage option for health insurance in general, travel insurance and personal accident insurance. One can choose the policy as per the need. Moreover, it keeps the trust of its customer by serving with the services promised right at the time of need.

Moving ahead in its journey of introducing easy and best- in class healthcare products, Apollo Munich keeps a constant watch at the needs of masses. As an efficient health insurance provider and employer, it ensures comfortable and quality services to its customers and employees. Thereby, making way for better health future for all.

Apollo Munich introduces Optima Senior A New Health Insurance Plan

A thought of old age brings along several concerns. These concerns are mainly related to health. As the body grows old it tends to become weak. Hence, there are more chances of falling ill or coming in contact with any health deformity. To overcome this risk, health insurance for senior citizens is the most appropriate option. It is the only tool that can ensure health security to our parents or grandparents.

Senior health insurance is meant to provide health insurance coverage to our elders if they are uncovered in their old age. It reminds us the fact that ‘it’s never too late’. Giving financial coverage in this age, health insurance companies make it possible for all to access best healthcare services even when they are in the age of retirement. Having no source of income, in later stages of life, people become dependent on others to meet with the necessary requirements. So, to make oldies enjoy required treatment in terms of health without any complication, senior health insurance is relevant.

By paying an affordable premium cost, we can provide a sense of security to our elders. They can then relax under the coverage of health plan and avail benefits in times of need. Today, we can find this option easily available in Indian Health Insurance market. As per the need and choice, one can pick the plan that can serve the purpose.

Although nobody can guarantee the healthcare need or cannot give confirmation about health uncertainty. It can come at any stage of life and at any time. But the risk is higher in old age. It is thus required to think about it without any delay. In terms every individual is suggested to make prior arrangements so as to avoid any confusion or complication later. A mere ignorance in relation to health can lead to major changes. It can bring a major change in life making the person suffer for life ahead. Hence, healthcare needs should be the foremost concern for all.

Health insurance is available in different forms. Policies are available to provide coverage against different health risks. Also, it varies in the kind of benefits included as per the age group and number of people covered in the plan. Before finalizing the policy, it is thus required to take a close look at the all the listed features and benefits. They can make a big difference in the kind of services or insurance benefits that the insured receives.

A senior health insurance plan is comprised all those benefits that are required to provide total healthcare coverage to insured person. It aims at making healthcare journey easy and uncomplicated for the oldies. So, at the cost of reasonable premium they entitle the insured to comprehensive medical insurance benefits. Incorporating several health insurance benefits, Optima Senior is a truly appropriate plan for our elders. The plan comes with a promise of several unique features. This plan with amazing benefits and features offers uncomplicated and hassle free coverage for lifetime to the individual and his/ her spouse. It makes quality healthcare accessible with an option of higher insurance cover of upto 5 lakhs.

With terms of renewal, Apollo Munich has emerged with Optima Senior lately to assist old age acquire uninterrupted best medical care services. Besides the basic coverage features, the plan is comprised of numerous other benefits. In simple policy wordings, it makes the understanding of the plan easy. So, find an appropriate healthcare solution for your parents or grandparents and allow them to live their later stages of comfortable in terms of healthcare needs.

Simply Ganguly - On the Hot Seat With Sourav

18 January 2013: 'Simply Ganguly' is a series starting today that will see Sourav Ganguly interacting with various interesting characters on the hot seat. Simple questions, straight forward answers, and unexpected guests.

This series will be launched at Apollo Munich's official facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ApolloMunichHealthInsurance on 18 January 2013.

The first guest on the hot seat is 'Elvisda'! Elvisda is a dhinchak party animal who is happy go lucky and wants to enjoy life without worries. Watch out for Elvisda – his hips don't lie. Nor does he.
This engagement initiative by Apollo Munich (@apollomunichins) marks Sourav's (@SouravGanguly) foray into social media.

Note to editors:
Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Ltd. is a joint venture between Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich Health, Munich Re’s newest business segment.

The company offers comprehensive health insurance plans for individuals and their families as well as for corporate houses. The company also offers individual personal accident plans and travel insurance for individuals, families and senior citizens. Apollo Munich is a specialized health insurance company in India that has expertise in both health and insurance and is able to leverage this understanding for the benefit of its customers.

With over 8,500 beds across 52 hospitals in India and overseas, neighborhood diagnostic clinics, an extensive chain of Apollo Pharmacies, medical BPO as well as health insurance services and clinical research divisions working on the cutting edge of medical science, The Apollo Hospitals Group is Asia’s largest integrated healthcare provider.

Munich Health draws on Munich Re’s insurance and reinsurance competence with over 5,000 experts at 26 locations worldwide. The Company devise innovative healthcare solutions for clients and partners all over the world.

Munich Re stands for exceptional solution-based expertise, consistent risk management, financial stability and client proximity. This is how Munich Re creates value for clients, shareholders and staff. In the financial year 2010, the Group – which pursues an integrated business model consisting of insurance and reinsurance – achieved a profit of over €2.4bn on premium income of around €45.5bn. It operates in all lines of insurance, with around 47,000 employees throughout the world.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited
10th Floor, Building No.10, Tower B,
DLF Cyber City, DLF City Phase-2,
Gurgaon-122002, Haryana, INDIA.

Apollo Munich’s Optima Restore - A Floater Plan

Optima Restore is a newly launched health plan by Apollo Munich Health Insurance. It is a plan with certain unique features. Apollo Munich has always served people with the best-in-class products. By providing comprehensive floater health plans, it has provided protection to various families. Optima Restore joins the list of products offered by it.

It is a plan that stands out with some innovative features. The person can purchase the plan as an individual cover or as a family health cover. Optima Restore can assure the health security of all family members at the cost of single premium. Being a floater plan it includes the insured, spouse, dependent parents and dependent children. Thus it can offer the best health services to all members.

But there are two crucial benefits that make this plan notable and the first of its kind. First is the Restore benefit that automatically reinstates the basic sum insured in case you exhaust it in a policy year. This restored insurance amount can be utilized for any other illness. It assists the person to a great extent as the amount gets restored at no extra charge. This facility is an innovative incorporation that makes the plan different.

The Multiplier benefit is the other feature that enriches the complete package. It is a benefit that facilitates a bonus at every claim free year. It works on the fundamental of increasing the sum insured by 50% if there is no claim in the first year. This bonus is extended to 100% of the sum insured at the end of the second claim-free year. However, if the claim is made, the bonus gets reduced by 50% of the basic sum insured.

While you apply for Optima Restore family health cover, you can also get entitled to a family discount of 10%. This bonus gets activated if 2 or more family members are covered under the plan. Besides this, the policy can be renewed for one’s entire lifetime. The insured can avail the life- long cover of this unique health plan. Also one can enjoy the service of cashless health treatment. Apollo Munich maintains a network with 4000 hospitals. By availing the medication from any such empanelled hospital, the insured can get rid of the worrisome task of settling the medical bills.

In addition Optima Restore allows the tax benefits to the policy holder. The premium amount paid for it qualifies for the deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Thus Apollo Munich gives you another accessible and affordable opportunity to avail of the best health care. Get insured with Optima Restore and enjoy these unbelievable and matchless benefits. 

Apollo Munich’s Optima Plus Health Plan

Apollo Munich has emerged with varied health plans to make quality healthcare feasible for all. Working with this objective it offers varied health plans at an affordable cost. The individual can easily acquire reasonably priced health plans and take the benefits of best healthcare services. It has formulated health plans pertaining to varied health risks. Optima Plus is one amongst these that can assist you get comprehensive health coverage.

To make the process of medication and treatment stress free for people, Apollo Munich maintains a network of 4000 hospitals. It entitles the insured to quality health services in any empanelled hospital. This is the cashless facility that Optima Plus brings along. It enables you to receive medical care without any need to make the payments. In case of hospitalization it is of great use as hospitalization can generate huge medical expenditure.

It is a plan that can offer medical coverage to the dependents as well. The insured can get his/ her family members insured under the same health cover. It is a beneficial service that resolves the need for a separate health cover for every member. The individual health cover indicates individual premium payment for all. But Optima Plus saves the person even from this by offering an option of floater policy. The current increase in healthcare costs makes it difficult to afford the best health treatment. In such a situation the medical care needs of all members of the family becomes a matter of concern. To give an answer to this problem, Apollo Munich proposes its affordable plan, Optima Plus.

This plan can provide health security to spouse, dependent parents and dependent children of the policy holder. By availing this facility you can even enjoy a family discount of 10% if two or more members are covered in the policy.
Moreover the policy lays open an access to lifetime renewal. This facilitates extended coverage allowing the person to receive wide ranging benefits at affordable insurance cost.

It aims at demystifying healthcare for the individual and his/ her family. It reimburses the amount, hence giving a relief from the expensive treatment charges. Apollo Munich serves the people of country such comprehensive health insurance plans. By devising a plan like Optima Plus it provides people with additional facilities like emergency ambulance – up to the limit of Rs 2000, coverage for hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization and domiciliary treatment. All these features make the plan accessible for all. It is equipped all the required features that help people receive the quality medication in times of need without any hassle. 

About Apollo Hospitals Group – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The healthcare industry in India underwent a major change in the 1980s. Mr. Reddy started the Apollo Group of Hospitals to change the way medical care was perceived in India. The Apollo Group of hospitals is a pioneer in healthcare in India.

The Group started with only 150 beds in a hospital in Chennai, in 1983. The number has currently gone up to 8065, world-over. At present the Apollo Group of Hospitals own and manage more than 42 hospitals, more than 600 retail pharmacies, 60 primary care clinics.

The supplementary interests of the healthcare group include, overall well-being and disease management, IT in health care, clinical research, holistic medicine, Medical BPO, Medical and paramedical education and third party administration of health insurance.

Hyderabad’s Apollo Health City, is Asia’s first functional health city. It truly symbolizes the integrated nature of Apollo Group of Hospitals.

The group fuses the warmth and care of the Eastern world with the best technologies from the West. The quality of medical care provided and the clinical success rates match that of most of the western world. More than 14 million patients from 55 countries have been treated in Apollo Hospitals.

About Munich Health – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Healthcare is a vast global industry, and there are few who can master the art of taking on the risk of healthcare globally. Munich Health, which is a new business segment of Munich Re, has taken on the responsibility of making the world a healthier place, by providing easy healthcare solutions to one and all across the globe. Munich Re, a German based insurance and re-insurance company, is the world’s largest re-insurer.

Their vision is as follows: We are the first choice for health risk solutions worldwide.

Munich Health works towards the development of new means of alliances between insurance and medical care. The company supports public-private partnerships, the establishment and reform of public healthcare systems, new service and product portfolios for both, primary insurance and consulting services.

Munich Health seeks to become the “Heartbeat of innovation”. Munich Health’s aim is to make world class health insurance available and affordable to everyone around the globe. Their final objective is to grow into a 'pioneer in global healthcare'. To achieve this goal they use novel ideas and bring harmony in the way insurance companies and medical establishments work around the world. They offer cover to people and carry the 'risk' of them falling ill or needing treatment for any reason.

Apollo Munich - Corporate Employees – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich has brought out a wide-range of plans for corporate employees. Each of their health insurance policies is designed keeping in mind the needs of the employee and the employee’s family.

  1. Easy Health Corporate Plan: The Easy Health Plan has been developed by Apollo Munich to safeguard a family from any kind of financial set-back during a medical crisis. The plan provides pre- and post-hospitalization coverage, day-care procedures coverage and critical illness cover among the numerous benefits provided under this mediclaim policy.
  2. Easy Travel Corporate Plan: The plan is designed to make traveling tension-free for the employee. The health insurance policy covers all the necessary assistance required while a person is traveling. This includes assistance after loss of luggage or passport. Employees can also call Apollo Munich and ask for interpreter referrals, medical aid, tips, guidelines, referrals, etc. This plan is available in 5 variants (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum) depending on which the cover amount is decided.
  3. Group Personal Accident Plan: The plan has been developed by Apollo Munich to look after the needs of the employee and his/her family. The policy provides:
  • A lump sum reimbursement, if an unfortunate event leads to death or disablement of the insured.
  • Coverage of hospitalization costs incurred due to the accident.
  • Weekly compensation for temporary disablement, due to which the employee would need to take a break from his/her job.

Apollo Munich Plans are cheap, affordable and focus on all-round wellness.

The Personal Accident Plan also offers an educational fund for the policy holder’s children in the event of accidental death or disability of the policy holder. There are numerous other such expenses that are covered by this policy from Apollo Munich. The Personal Accident Plan has been conceptualized such that all employees and families can remain well-safeguarded even in case of loss of income of the policy holder. A lump sum amount is offered in case of death or disability of the insured.

All the corporate policies from Apollo Munich also offer wide-ranging coverage to the individuals and their customers. There are a lot of value-added services that are offered along with the policies to take care that the customer is sheltered from all sorts of health problems. These services focus on the preventive medical care requirements of the customer.

Apollo Munich – Services – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich policies promote prevention and well-being. Apollo Munich provides a wide range of add-on services for customers to achieve this. Their plans incorporate such value added services to enable customers to stay healthy all the time and to stay fit easily. These services have been designed to make staying healthy easy for the insured individual, so that the need to use the policy never arises. Apollo Munich Services are listed below:

  • Let’s Stay Healthy: It is an online tool that provides users with assistance for their healthcare needs.
  1. The ‘My Life’ feature can be used to check one’s health status. After a series of questions, the tool generates a few tips on how to go about leading a healthier life.
  2. The ‘Let’s Stay Healthy Newsletter also gives an insight into the world of health and happiness.
  3. The ‘Pregnancy Corner’ assists to-be mothers and new mothers in caring for themselves and the child.
  • Healthline: This service provides customers with a doctor on phone 24x7. It allows the insured to call and get advice from doctors at Apollo Munich whenever they need it. A doctor also gives tips on how to maintain the diet, lifestyle and other such factors that affect health. One can also avail information about which doctor should be consulted (in-person), if the patient needs a physical check-up or any other medical aid.
  • Cashless Hospitalization: This facility allows the user to get hospitalized and avail treatment without having to pay for it. The facility is only valid in network hospitals and cannot be used in any non-network hospitals. Apollo Munich has over 4000 network hospitals of which more than 42 are Apollo Hospitals. Each hospital within the network is of high quality and is renowned in the field of medicine.All these three benefits have been designed and integrated into the various products, keeping preventive health requirements of people in mind. “Prevention is better than Cure” is an old saying and it is very apt. The company keeps this in mind and ensures that customers have access to Healthline, which helps them get the required treatment as and when needed, without aggravating health issues. A policy holder can call the toll-free number and speak to the doctors on call for health problems and can talk about a suitable course of action for the policy holder to improve their health.

Cashless hospitalization has also made medical care easy. It gives a policy holder access to go to network hospitals and get treated without having to pay any medical bills. These are settled by the company and the network hospital without the insurance holder having to pay anything.
Both these amenities have ensured that families can stay healthy and happy without any trouble. There are a number of steps that Apollo Munich has taken to make sure that medical care is simply accessible to one and all.

Apollo Munich Benefits – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Buying a health insurance plan safeguards the individual or the whole family from any sort of unforeseen event that might cause a problem for them. The financial strain that a person undergoes during medical exigencies is done away with an insurance plan. Apollo Munich offers several value-added services along with its insurance plans to promote all-round healthcare of the individual.

Apollo Munich provides customers with many benefits while using their health insurance plans. Their plans cover pre- and post-hospitalization costs that may be incurred by the individual. Day-care procedures (those which require less than 24 hours hospitalization) are also covered by the company to ensure that the insured is able to get the treatment he/she needs to stay healthy. Their plans also offer a cumulative bonus which is added to the insured amount, if there has been a claim-free year. All benefits offered by Apollo Munich are based on the terms and conditions of the policy. Health insurance plans from Apollo Munich also offer cover for critical illnesses and provides the user tax benefits. Easy Health Plan offers portability for customers to shift from any other mediclaim policy provider to Apollo Munich.

Apollo Munich’s Accident plans also give users a lot of advantage. The Personal Accident plan provides cover for a person when he/she needs help after any unforeseen event takes place. Accidental Death, disablement, ambulance cover in the event of an emergency is all given by the insurance company. They also provide for the transportation of the mortal remains, and/or the family as needed by the insured. In the event of the death of the insured, the family is given a lump sum payment. The cost of transporting medicines and buying blood is also incurred by the company itself.

The travel insurance from Apollo Munich similarly offers a wide range of facilities. They help the insured with medical advice when he/she is traveling, by providing Medical services referral, arrangement of appointment with local doctors, medical advice on phone, etc. They also assist the insured when he/she needs help with lost luggage, lost passport assistance, interpreter referral, etc.

There are many other benefits that can be availed with the Apollo Munich insurance plans.

Apollo Munich Branches – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health have come together to form a health insurance company by the name of Apollo Munich. The company attempts to ‘uncomplicate’ healthcare in India. The main aim of the company is to make sure that a person does not suffer medically, due to lack of healthcare.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company has set up a branch in nearly every corner of India, so that they are easily accessible by people. Below is a list of cities of Apollo Munich Branches:

  • Gurgaon
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore
  • Pune
  • Ahmedabad
  • Cochin
  • Lucknow
  • Jaipur

Apollo Munich Claim Procedure – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich in its aim to uncomplicate health insurance in India has devised a very simple and easy-to-follow claim process. If an individual avails treatment in a network hospital, there is no need for a reimbursement as the payment is directly settled between the hospital and Apollo Munich. The insured patient only needs to show his/her healthcard to avail treatment.

When treatment is done in a non-network hospital, there are certain steps that have to be followed to ensure successful and quick claim reimbursement:

  • Apollo Munich or the TPA should be informed about the treatment/incident as soon as possible. One can either call the toll-free number of Apollo Munich or inform the TPA directly. The TPA numbers are mentioned at the back of the ‘Healthcard’.
  • All details of the the incident should be presented to the executive who answers the call. These would include the place, date, time of the incident, expected recovery period, hospital name, doctor’s prescription, ambulance transportation, etc. This helps speed up the claim process.
  • A number of documents would have to be submitted for successful passing of the claim. These could include doctor’s prescriptions, hospital bills, claim forms, medicine and other such bills, discharge summary, etc.
  • The completely filled claim form should be submitted at the Third-Party-Administrator (TPA). An incomplete or incorrectly filled form leads to delays in the settlement process. Missing documents make for an incomplete form.

Apollo Munich will then reimburse the amount in accordance with the terms and conditions of the plan. One can call the Apollo Munich helpline for any assistance.

Apollo Munich Critical Illness – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich develops health insurance plans after a thorough market survey and analysis. The company, which is a joint venture between Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health, focuses on overall wellbeing of a person. The critical illness plan has been designed to keep a person safe from expenses incurred in during treatment of a critical illness.

There are 8 critical diseases covered under the critical illness benefits are:
  • Cancer
  • Coronary artery surgery
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke
  • First heart attack
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Major organ transplantation
  • Paralysis

Some of the features of Apollo Munich plans with critical illness cover are:
  • Premium rates are competitive
  • Tax exemptions under section 80 (D) of the Income Tax Act.
  • Insured can opt for the sum insured during the Critical Illness

All compensations are done in accordance with policy terms and conditions. A critical illness plan is an optional benefit to your medical insurance policy. It lets you save-up and stay prepared for any health-related problem. Critical illnesses are covered in Maxima, Easy Health Family Health Insurance Plan, Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan, and Insure Health Plan. However, the plan is available only with the Exclusive and Premium variants of both Easy Health Plans.

There are certain conditions under which the Critical Illness cover is paid.
  • An insured is diagnosed as suffering from a Critical Illness during a policy period
  • He/she survives for at least 30 days after diagnosis.

Apollo Munich thus provides protection from any kind of medical problem that the user might face.

Apollo Munich Daily care – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich is a health insurance company that has been formed as a partnership between The Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health. While Apollo Hospitals are well-known in India for their high standard of healthcare, Munich Health is renowned as being a part of the largest insurance company in the world. They have added meaning to the concept of Health Risk Management.

Apollo Munich is committed to looking after all the healthcare needs of Indians. The company believes in all-round medical wellness and therefore conducts vast surveys to bring out the needs of people while trying to stay healthy. One of the most common problems is that people need to be hospitalized for less than 24 hours and this is not covered in many health insurance plans. Apollo Munich, after extensive market research, realized this point and brought in the day-care procedures benefit for its customers. These are small operations which are generally done quickly and do not require a patient to stay for observation in the hospital.

Apollo Munich covers around 140 such procedures. One can avail day-care procedures under cashless hospitalization in network hospitals. If a person were to get treated in a non-network hospital, he/she can still claim the reimbursement against the amount footed in the medical bills. This amount is reimbursed up to an amount that has been insured to the policyholder. Some of the treatments covered under this are operation of cataract, coronary angiography, radiotherapy for cancer, cancer chemotherapy, some operations on the tonsils and adenoids, etc. The complete list is available in the policy wordings on the website.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Apollo Munich Health Insurance Plans are meant for people to be able to relax, and not worry about how to get treated. Apollo Munich aims to ‘uncomplicate’ health insurance in India. After extensive market survey, the company realized the breach between the needs of people and the options available to them. Although health insurance is becoming popular, slowly and steadily, there were many jargons in the policy wordings which the common man using the policy did not understand. Apollo Munich has simple and easy-to-understand health insurance policies, which are cheap and provide good cover for the insured.

An Apollo Munich health insurance policy enables the insured to not only take care of all their treatment needs, but also assists them in maintaining their health, through several value-added services. Apollo Munich gave India, the first 360 degree Health Plan—Maxima, which covers inpatient and outpatient treatments. The Travel plans are custom-made to take care of all a person’s needs when he/she is away from home. Similarly the Personal Accident Plan is designed to ease the trauma of any unpredictable event that may occur in the life of the insured. The Easy Health and the Insure Health Plans are both designed to make sure that good quality healthcare is within reach of each and every individual.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company also realized people’s predicament when they wished to buy plans, and therefore gives customers the option of ‘Buy Online’. The buy online feature allows users to buy a health insurance plan without having to go to a broker or any third party to do the same. Apollo Munich also provides an online ‘Premium Calculator’ to ensure transparency in the procedure for calculating premium. Thus Apollo Munich makes it very easy for people to buy and use health insurance.

Apollo Munich Health insurance Claim – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich Health Insurance has a very simple claim procedure which is designed to Uncomplicate health insurance in India. Claim reimbursement is offered in two ways:

  • Cashless Hospitalization: This option enables customers to save time spent on rushing around to arrange funds for the treatment. Customers do not have to spend money out of their pocket. Apollo Munich tie-up with network hospitals so that when a policyholder is hospitalized, he/she can focus on healthcare and not the cost involved in it. The insured can get treated by just flashing his/her ‘Healthcard’. The medical centre then contacts Apollo Munich Health Insurance or the TPA directly and settles the payment liable.
  • Claim Reimbursement: Apollo Munich also offers compensation of the amount spent by the individual/family on the treatment acquired. The individual has to fill up certain forms, and then submit several documents to the TPA after which Apollo Munich would settle the claim on the basis of the health insurance policy terms and conditions. Details of the documents to be submitted are available on the company website, and so is the claim form.

In case any help or guide is needed while filling out the forms, or while trying to avail cashless hospitalization, one can call the Apollo Munich helpline (number is given on their website). Claims are settled in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy. The time taken to settle claims is minimal.

Sometimes pre-authorization can be taken. This only further speeds up the process, and ensures that the customer is not mislead and has not misunderstood the terms and conditions governing this form of claim reimbursement.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Compare – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

All health insurance plans can be compared on the basis of the type of cover provided. Each plan covers a different aspect of healthcare. While certain points may overlap and be common in all Apollo Munich policies, there are a few factors which vary from plan-to-plan.

The Easy Travel Plan covers problems encountered while traveling. Again there is a distinction between the Easy Travel and the Easy Domestic Travel. The former covers overseas travel while the latter only covers domestic travel. The Personal Accident Plan covers only accident related finances. Similarly a pure health insurance plan would protect an individual only from health emergencies. Therefore while choosing the right plan the need for the plan should be compared.

Again one can also compare the variants offered by certain policies. For example, the Easy Health Plan comes in 3 variants:
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Exclusive

The cover provided and the value-added services also differ. While selecting an Apollo Munich plan, one can also compare the number of people who need cover by the policy.
  • Individual: covers only 1 person. This is usually advantageous for those who do not have dependents.
  • Family: A single policy for the whole family which could include the insured, his/her spouse, dependent parents and dependent children.
  • Group: These plans are specially meant for corporate employees.

Apollo Munich Health insurance coverage – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The amount of medical and financial protection given by a health insurance company to the policyholder is known as coverage. Apollo Munich Health Insurance provides adequate cover (medical and financial) for all individuals. The extent of the cover will vary depending on the plan selected.

This coverage can be availed by two ways:

  • Cashless Hospitalization (Applicable only in network hospitals): The Company settles the payment directly with the network hospital in which the insured patient is admitted. The individual therefore does not have to pay a single penny out of his/her own pocket. Apollo Munich offers this facility in over 4000 network hospitals.
  • Claim Reimbursement (mainly for Non-Network hospitals): Patients have to pay for the treatment themselves, but can get the money compensated later by the insurance company. To do so one needs to fill and submit certain documents after which reimbursement is done in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

The coverage of a medical insurance plan is also based on the number of people covered in the plan. An individual plan only cover 1 person, while a family plan may cover the insured, his/her spouse, dependent parents and dependent children. Group plans are meant for corporate employers.

Cover also depends on the basis of the kind of plan selected. Travel plans cover travel-related problems while accident plans cover unforeseen events that may leave the individual injured. Pure Health plans cover the day-to-day health needs of an individual. Each Apollo Munich plan gives wide-ranging coverage.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Needs - Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Health Insurance is needed by everyone. A good plan would take care of all the medical emergencies faced by the individual. Each of the Apollo Munich plans covers the needs of an individual. Most people interested in health insurance seek the answer to just one question: what are the ‘needs’ that a policy should cover?

The needs are as follows:

  • Medicare costs are high. Still healthcare is important for everyone. ‘Healthcare’ does not only refer to the medical problems faced by an individual at the time of emergency, but minor day-to-day treatments. Procedures undergone before and after the treatment also imbibe high costs.
  • Budget of the individual is more secure. While planning the budget one only needs to plan for a small minor amount of money for the premium. After that, within limit of the cover selected, the family need not budget for medical expenses.
  • Tax benefits can be availed under section 80 (D) of the Income Tax Act. All Apollo Munich premiums allow an individual to avail such benefits.
  • Apollo Munich offers pre- and post-hospitalization cover. This further reduces the fiscal stress on people. Critical Illness and Day-care procedures are also covered. The cost of undergoing a critical illness treatment is high and therefore this cover is very important.
  • Availing good quality medical attention is done without the worry of the cost involved.

Apollo Munich Health insurance Premium – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich health insurance offers very low premium rates for all their plans. The company, which works towards uncomplicating medical insurance in India, rolls comprehensive coverage and low premiums into one policy. The method of premium calculation at Apollo Munich is simple:

  1. The medical cover: every medical ailment included in the cover, increases the cost of the policy. It is important that the premium paid should give enough health cover. This does not mean that mediclaim that has a low premium is not good, Apollo Munich has many medical insurance plans that offer a low premium but excellent coverage (in proportion).
  2. The financial cover: Apollo Munich provides adequate financial cover to meet all the healthcare needs of the individual.
  3. Extra benefits: Apollo Munich offers customers with several add-on benefits which can be availed free of cost with health insurance plans. They are
  • Healthline which gives 24/7 access to doctors. Customers can call-in to find resolve any health related problems. The doctor-on-call may suggest a doctor’s visit, tests, and/or other tips for enhancing healthcare to the patient. This helps save the money spent on visiting doctors for minor ailments.
  • Health Risk Assessment tool provides customers with a health analysis after a series of questions. The tool also generates a personalized healthcare tips for the individual to enrich their lifestyle.
  • Cashless Hospitalization is provided in more than 4000 hospitals, each of which is known for their healthcare and treatment quality.

Thus an Apollo Munich Health insurance premium includes not just the medical cover or financial cover for the individual; but enables him/her to stay healthy all the time without spending much money.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Sales Partner – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich, which is a new name in the health insurance segment in India, is all set to change the way health insurance policies are perceived in India. With their strong knowledge in both healthcare (due to Apollo Group of Hospitals) and health insurance (due to Munich Health), they aim to uncomplicate healthcare solutions in India. Apollo Munich’s medical insurance policies satisfy all the financial needs of a customer and take into account all their medical requirements.

The first step to ensure that health insurance is as simple as possible is to make the process of buying the policy as simple as possible. There is a big scope for new marketing practices. These methods include tie-ups that prove to be beneficial for both partner companies, Apollo Munich and the sales partner.

Apollo Munich facilitates customers to buy plans easily through their sales partners. With the help of its sales partners, the company hopes to spread far and wide in India, and reach every individual. Apollo Munich is determined to form strong, durable, and mutually beneficiary partnerships with all partners.

Apollo Munich understands the vast scope of reaching out and making health insurance easier for all, through good sales partners. Partnerships with Brokers, life insurers, Banks, NBFCs, etc., prove to make the availability, purchase simpler.

Channels like Travel Agencies, Telemarketing, ‘Buy online’ solutions, etc., prove to assist in making mediclaim policies easily available to everyone. Thus Apollo Munich hopes to form a lasting bond to promote good healthcare solutions in India.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Service Partners – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Service Partners help provide good and efficient healthcare to the insured and make sure that both partners mutually benefit from the partnership. Apollo Munich has several service partners who help promote good health and well-being.

With a large number of hospitals within their service network, Apollo Munich aims at providing good healthcare to its customers. All the hospitals in within the Apollo Munich network of hospitals are known for their expertise in healthcare. Among the 4000+ hospitals spread across the country, there are more than 42 Apollo Hospitals.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance aims at offering policyholders fine quality treatment in the best hospitals across India. The treatment should be thorough and that is not possible without good service partners. The customer, however, has total liberty while choosing where he/she would like to get treatment. Apollo Munich has no qualms about where the insured should be treated.

Patients treated at a network hospital (those hospitals in the TPAs network) can make use of the cashless hospitalization facility that Apollo Munich provides. Those who wish to visit a non-network hospital can claim a reimbursement for the treatment pursued however there are some criteria that the hospital needs to fulfill before the claim is settled. With the help of service partners Apollo Munich aims to ensure that a health insurance policy is easy-to-use for one and all. The company hopes to form strong and lasting bonds, which will last for long and provide mutual growth to both.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Tax Implications – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

A health insurance plan provides a number of benefits for the individual. People who are covered by a medical plan can live a lot more stress-free life than those who do not have one. The fiscal benefits of a mediclaim policy are not limited to the mere financial cover provided. It also provides help in saving the amount of tax one pays to the government.

Apollo Munich Plans provide tax benefits that are applicable under section 80(D) of the Income Tax Act. The premium amount paid to get the health insurance policy is exempted from the taxable amount, up to a maximum of Rs. 15000. This limit changes for senior citizens. It goes up to Rs. 20000 per annum. All the above deductions are available after the deductions of 80(C) of the Income Tax Act, that offer limit of Rs.1 lakh.

The main reason for providing tax benefits with health insurance plans is to encourage people to stay covered all the time.

Apollo Munich Healthcare – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The biggest problem that Indians have been facing for years is the problem of getting good health insurance and being able to get affordable health care to take care of one’s ailments.

Munich Health was formed by Munich Re to help spread good health insurance practices world over. They have formed a partnership (known as Apollo Munich Health Insurance) with Apollo Group of hospitals to bring Indians new and innovative healthcare solutions. The Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company, focuses on prevention and cure in all its mediclaim plans. Each and every plan is thought through after complete market analysis and then scrutiny of the needs of people.

Apollo Munich has over 4000 hospitals in its network with more than 42 Apollo Hospitals. Customers are also provided with many benefits that ensure that a health insurance plan is not only focused on taking care of expenses incurred during long-term hospitalization. Apollo Munich provides cover for day-care procedures and pre- and post-hospitalization costs.

The plans provide cover for nearly all the costs incurred during treatment. Apollo Munich also gives customers the chance to stay healthy and get medical advice at any time that they need. An online tool known as ‘Health Risk Assessment’ is available to policyholders to keep a check on how vulnerable they are to health risks. The tool also gives users tips and a course of action to stay healthy. Medical advice can be sought from the doctors in the company. Thus Apollo Munich Health Insurance makes sure that all their customers stay healthy and get treatment easily.

Apollo Munich provides customers with a unique blend of preventive, preservative and curative coverage in the policies offered by the company. Customers need coverage for the costs that are incurred before and after a treatment too. This is why Apollo Munich has started offering plans that cover pre- and post-hospitalization costs. The company also keeps in mind the fact that there are certain treatments that can neither be covered under inpatient (requires 24 hours hospitalization) nor outpatient (no hospitalization is needed for these treatments). These treatments are referred to as day-care procedures. Due to medical advancements these treatments do not require more than 24 hours hospitalization. Since the main aim of all Apollo Munich policies is to give complete coverage to customers, the plans cover day-care procedures along with inpatient hospitalization.

There are many benefits that Apollo Munich provides customers with relation to preservative healthcare as well. One of them is the ‘Healthline’ tool. Customers can call on the medical helpline and avail assistance on the medical front as well as for lifestyle tips. The Cashless hospitalization benefit is provided to give customers access to over 4,000 network hospitals. Thus Apollo Munich provides complete coverage to all customers’ medical problems.

Apollo Munich Insurance for Senior Citizens – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

As a person grows old, his/her health undergoes various changes. These changes call for extra and additional financial security to face the cost of that healthcare. Apollo Munich realized that there is a breach in the health insurance needs of individuals and the healthcare policy cover of the individual. Realizing this difference, the company has brought out several mediclaim plans to help people enjoy life and live freely.

The Apollo Munich offers Easy Travel—Senior Citizens Plan, which is a plan specifically designed for senior citizens to enable them to be able to travel freely, without worry about money for emergencies while traveling. The plan has been designed for people in the age group of 71-80 years.

Some of the available services are:-
• Assistance if luggage is lost.
• Reference of medical care centers and doctors at the destination (or nearest to it).
• Assistance when the insured’s passport is lost.
• Telephonic medical advice is available 24x7.
• Medical expenses incurred are reimbursed.
• Reference for embassy and interpreters.

Although there are restrictions in the maximum entry age, Apollo Munich provides lifelong renewal. Therefore all customers’ needs are taken care of life-long once covered by a plan (if renewal is done regularly). This enables customers to avail maximum benefits year-after-year and have access to the best medical care in India. With Apollo Munich, one does not need to ‘fear’ becoming a ‘senior citizen’.

Apollo Munich Insurance Helpline – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich, with the aim to ‘Uncomplicate’ health insurance in India has brought out a helpline. Users and those interested in Apollo Munich mediclaim plans can call the toll-free number 1800-102-0333 at anytime Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.

The helpline has been introduced to make life simpler for those who wish to use or buy health insurance from Apollo Munich. It can help you in the following manner:

It helps save time. Calling the helpline to solve queries is faster than either snail-mail or e-mail. The executive on phone can also assist the customer fill out claim forms as well as proposal forms thus speeding up the process for the customer.

It helps trace and manage transactions, application process, claim process, etc. Customers can also call to clarify any terms and conditions of the policy opted etc. This enables customers to stay aware of the rules lest they need to claim and face problems while doing so.

Since the executive helps the individual fill out forms, it ensures the most amount of privacy while doing so. The individual can fill out the form without having to verify ‘what to fill’ from a broker.

The helpline offers instant cover and a convenient and high speed process while buying a plan. One can also get help in selecting the right plan, variant and cover needed. Apollo Munich ensures that every individual has easy access to healthcare solutions, and therefore the same helpline number is accessible from anywhere in India.

Apollo Munich Insurance Plans – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich is a health insurance company that provides Indians with a lot of plans to ensure all their needs are taken care of. The healthcare needs of a traveler are different from that of a person in his or her place of residence. Apollo Munich realizes and respects these different needs, and therefore designs its plans accordingly. Below is a list of health insurance plans from Apollo Munich:

• Insure Health Plan: This is an easy-to-buy plan that had been brought out mainly to bring healthcare within the reach of one and all. The plan is affordable for anyone who wishes to buy health insurance and stay protected. There are several benefits that come along with the plan.

• Easy Health Individual Plan: This plan is specifically designed for those who want cover solely for themselves. The plan takes into account all the constraints that one faces in times of medical crisis and therefore covers pre- and post-hospitalization costs as well.

• Easy Health Family Floater Plan: This mediclaim policy is made to take on the risk of any member of the family falling ill and needing treatment. The cover amount and the benefits can be used by any member of the family.

Note: Both Easy Health Plans are available in three variants—Standard, Exclusive, and Premium.

• Maxima: It is India’s first 360 degree health plan. The main advantage of this plan is that it offers inpatient and outpatient treatment. The plan also gives lifelong renewal option.

• Easy Travel Plan: It has been designed for people who travel extensively. The policy is designed to assist the insured through all kinds of needs that are faced while traveling, medical problems, baggage loss, passport loss, etc.

• Personal Accident Plan: The plan is made to keep the insured safe from all unforeseen problems. The plan covers hospitalization, transport costs, and compensates the family with a predefined amount in case of death or disability.

There is a whole list of other benefits that one can avail using this plan. These can be viewed on the Apollo Munich website.

Apollo Munich Medical Insurance – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Apollo Munich Plans for medical insurance are designed to take the stress off people so they do not worry about treatment costs. Apollo Munich aims to simplify mediclaim policies in India. After widespread market assessment, experts at Apollo Munich realized the gap between people’s needs and health insurance options available. Although medical insurance is gaining popularity, there was a lot of confusion in the claims process which warded off the insured from using the policy. Apollo Munich takes the confusion out of claims by providing easy-to-understand medical insurance plans.

Apollo Munich policies enable the insured to not only look after all their healthcare needs, preventive and curative, through several value-added services. Maxima, India’s first 360 degree Health Plan, covers outpatient and inpatient treatments. Easy Travel plans are specially made to tend to all the needs of a person when he/she is traveling. Likewise, to reduce the trauma of any unexpected event that may take place in the life of the policyholder, the Personal Accident Plan has been designed. Insure Health and Easy Health Plans have been designed to ensure that fine quality healthcare is within everyone’s reach.

Experts at Apollo Munich also realized dilemma faced by people while buying mediclaim policies. The ‘Buy Online’ option was thus introduced. This feature lets users buy medical insurance without a broker or any third party getting involved. To make the procedure for calculating premium transparent, Apollo Munich presents an online ‘Premium Calculator’. As a result Apollo Munich makes health easy for people to use and buy.

Apollo Munich Mediclaim – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich is a medical insurance provider in India. The company aims at uncomplicating health insurance in the country by taking the jargon out of policy wordings and the trouble out of availing treatment. There are several mediclaim policies that Apollo Munich offers customers they can broadly be classified into 3 groups:

• Pure Health Plans: Apollo Munich’s pure health plans are designed to take on any kind of health-related problems. The plans offered include:
  • Easy Health Family Floater Health Insurance Plan
  • Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan
  • Insure Health
  • Maxima
• Travel Insurance Plans: These policies assist people face all kinds of travel-related exigencies and problems such as baggage loss, medical assistance, etc. The plans include:
  • Easy Travel Plan
  • Easy Domestic Travel Plan

• Accident Insurance Plan: The company offers Personal Accident Plan to safeguard people from financial constrain when faced with unpredictable incidents which affect the health of the individual.

Each of these plans is designed after a thorough analysis of the Indian healthcare market. Thus the plans are custom-made to bridge the gap between the medical care needs and the cost of healthcare in India. Apollo Munich premiums are cheap and the plans are comprehensive. There are a number of value-added services which provide policyholders with the advantage of staying healthy without spending much money while doing so.

Apollo Munich Mission – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

  • Constantly introduce innovative Health Insurance and Wellness solutions that meet customer needs.
  • Build an organization on the principles of transparency, trust and integrity.
  • Create opportunities for our employees to learn and grow in an enjoyable work culture.
  • Constantly deliver on our commitments to all the stakeholders.

Apollo Munich Mission – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Constantly introduce innovative Health Insurance and Wellness solutions that meet customer needs.
  • Build an organization on the principles of transparency, trust and integrity.
  • Create opportunities for our employees to learn and grow in an enjoyable work culture.
  • Constantly deliver on our commitments to all the stakeholders.

Apollo Munich Points to consider before choosing a health insurance plan – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich provides customers with a wide variety of plans each of which has been designed after extensive market research. The variety of plans could put customers in a dilemma as to how to pick the right plan. Here are a few key points to keep in mind while choosing the right plan—

  • Think about the kind of cover you would require—accident, travel, and just medical cover. After this select the right plan to fulfill the cover requirement.
  • The number of people needing cover under the plan should be taken into account. If the plan is meant for just one person, select the individual plan. However, if the entire family needs medical cover, then, choose a family floater plan. If health cover is sought for a group of employees, one should opt the group or corporate plan.
  • All financial and medical requirements must be addressed in the plan. One should also ensure that critical illness cover and pre-existing diseases cover is sought. There is always a waiting period for pre-existing ailments, and the cost of Critical Illness cover is sometimes high, but the cover should be taken.

The executives on the Apollo Munich helpline assist customers in choosing the right plan and variant based on the needs of the customer.

Apollo Munich Points to consider before choosing a health insurance plan – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich provides customers with a wide variety of plans each of which has been designed after extensive market research. The variety of plans could put customers in a dilemma as to how to pick the right plan. Here are a few key points to keep in mind while choosing the right plan—
• Think about the kind of cover you would require—accident, travel, and just medical cover. After this select the right plan to fulfill the cover requirement.
• The number of people needing cover under the plan should be taken into account. If the plan is meant for just one person, select the individual plan. However, if the entire family needs medical cover, then, choose a family floater plan. If health cover is sought for a group of employees, one should opt the group or corporate plan.
• All financial and medical requirements must be addressed in the plan. One should also ensure that critical illness cover and pre-existing diseases cover is sought. There is always a waiting period for pre-existing ailments, and the cost of Critical Illness cover is sometimes high, but the cover should be taken.
The executives on the Apollo Munich helpline assist customers in choosing the right plan and variant based on the needs of the customer.

Apollo Munich Products – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich has many products to assist in healthcare. Their products are designed by experts after a thorough market analysis.

Below is a list of Apollo Munich Products:

  • Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan: It is a pure health insurance plan custom-made to suit the needs of customers when they need medical treatment. This mediclaim policy also covers many features to enable customers to follow the right life-style, diet, etc., according to their lifestyle.
  • Easy Health Family Health Insurance Plan: The plan is similar to the Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan, except that the cover extends to the full family as well.
Note: Both the Easy Health Plans are available for corporate coverage as well.
  • Easy Travel Plan: The plan is designed keeping in mind all the requirements of a person during an unexpected event while traveling.
  • Personal Accident Plan: This policy is designed to keep a person safe from financial stress due to mishaps in his/her life. The plan covers all the needs of the individual during this time—ambulance cover to hospital bills and compensation in case of death or disability.
  • Maxima: The first 360 degree health insurance plan in India, it incorporates outpatient and inpatient care. The plan offers lifelong renewal.
  • Insure Health: This is an easy-to-buy medical insurance plan that has been conceptualized to bring medical care within everyone’s reach. It involves minimal paperwork and no medical tests, subject to policy terms and conditions.

Apollo Munich SMS Helpline – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich is a joint venture started by two big organizations. Munich Health, which is one of the best known health insurers in the world; and Apollo Group of Hospitals started the company to simplify healthcare solutions in India. The problems faced by people while trying to buy or use a medical insurance plan were conceived and understood by experts at Apollo Munich. There have been many new and innovative means developed by the company to help battle this problem.

The problems faced while buying a policy mainly revolved around the fact that most health insurance plans could only be bought through agents, and many people were skeptical of them. Tracking the policy after buying it and before it got approval was another problem faced by almost everyone. Similarly, getting updates, tracking the health card, finding out the names of the TPA and other such details were all troublesome.

Apollo Munich introduced the SMS helpline to enable customers to retrieve information concerning their account whenever they need to. It saves the insured the trouble of calling and waiting to talk to someone who can assist them and provide them their own account information. A person has to SMS the request to the SMS helpline number which is available on the Apollo Munich website. The information that is sought by him/her is sent back to their mobile phones. The details of the whole procedure are given on the Apollo Munich website. A person can track their claim status, find the name of the TPA, and get a lot of other information simply by sending and SMS.

Apollo Munich Vision - Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company’s vision is To be the trusted leader in health insurance by providing innovative solutions to the citizens of India.

Apollo Munich Vision of Healthline – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Munich Health, which is a part of Munich Re, the world’s largest re-insurer and Apollo Group of Hospitals is recognized for modernizing the medical industry in India have come together to form Apollo Munich. They aim to make innovative and simple healthcare solutions accessible to all Indians.

In order to promote all-round well-being, Apollo Munich provides customers with add-on services. The ‘Healthline’ is one such service that enables customers to get medical assistance without hefty bills. It is a medical helpline that offers the following services:

  • Provides information on first aid in emergencies
  • Prepare a list of queries before a doctor’s visit
  • Information of specific medications
  • Develop and maintain healthy habits
  • Help understand diagnostic conditions
  • Knowledge about chronic illnesses
  • Guidance about minor injuries, self-care, and illness

Services of Healthline are available from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

In order to access the Healthline, you will need to login and register as a user. Then after accepting a medico-legal disclaimer, you will need to give some basic health details to the doctor who answers the call. On the basis of all the queries answered by you, the doctor will give you tips to stay healthy. He/she may also recommend a doctor or hospital visit.

Thus by calling a free helpline, customers can get a lot of valuable information related to healthcare to enable them to live a healthier life. Apollo Munich hopes to secure the medical future of all customers.

Easy Health Insurance – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Easy Health Insurance Plan from Apollo Munich has been designed to look into the curative and preventive needs of Indians. At the same time the mediclaim policy focuses on the financial needs of the insured. The plan is thus designed to promote all-round well-being.

The Easy Health Plan is available for Individuals and family. It is available in three variants—Standard, Exclusive and Premium. The plan covers diagnostic procedures, operation theatre costs, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, boarding and lodging, ICU costs, etc. The Easy Health Plan also covers the cost of prosthetic and other such devices, if implanted internally during surgery.

The cover is applicable for children from the 91st day, only if both the parents are covered in the same plan. The plan is valid for one year.

Both, the individual and the family version of the plan provides for pre- and post-hospitalization. The plans also cover day-care procedures and critical illnesses (optional). The Portability Policy in the Easy Health Plan facilitates users to shift from any other health insurance company to Apollo Munich. Users also get tax benefits in accordance with section 80 (D) of the Income Tax Act. Cumulative bonuses are given to those insured customers who have not used the policy (after a claim-free year).

Apollo Munich, in order to promote overall wellness, offers several value-added services to compliment medical insurance plans.
  • Healthline is like a medical helpline that enables customers to get healthcare advice whenever needed by them.
  • Let’s Stay Healthy—Consumers can utilize the portal to enhance their wellbeing and lead a healthier life.
  • The Cashless Hospitalization feature is available only with the exclusive and premium variants of Easy Health. It allows the insured to avail treatment in network hospitals virtually free of cost.

Overall Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Plan has been designed to make medical care simple for Indians.

Easy Health Insurance—Family Floater - Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Family Health Insurance Plan is meant to protect the insured family against medical costs and at the same time meets their curative and preventive medical needs. The plan is designed to make sure that the insured stays healthy and maintains good health at all times.

Standard, Exclusive, and Premium are the three variants in which the Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan is available. The cover amount starts from Rs. 2,00,000 and goes up to Rs. 10,00,000. This family floater plan is valid for one year.

Operation theatre costs, diagnostic procedures, ICU costs, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, boarding and lodging, cost of prosthetics and other equipments and devices, implanted internally during surgery, etc. are covered in the plan. There are several benefits available with the plan, some of which are:

Pre- and Post-hospitalization costs—costs incurred within 30 days prior to and 60 days after a treatment are covered in this policy. The cover may be extended, in accordance with policy terms and conditions.
Day-care procedures—there are 140 day-care treatments (those procedures that last for less than 24 hours) which are covered.
Critical Illness—the plan covers 8 critical illnesses. Either the whole or half the basic sum insured can be insured for critical illnesses.

Along with the above listed benefits, the plan offers a Portability Policy. Users can shift from Indian medical insurance providers to Apollo Munich. Cumulative Bonus (at the end of a claim-free year) and Tax benefits (under section 80 (D) of the Income Tax Act) are some more benefits that the insured family can avail.

Apollo Munich provides value-added services that assist customers in staying healthy:
  • Healthline
  • Let’s Stay Healthy
  • Cashless Hospitalization

Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Family Health Insurance Plan uncomplicates healthcare solutions for the family.

The Easy Health Family Floater policy has been designed to give customers complete protection from the medical problems that are likely to affect them. The coverage amount and the benefits of the policy are to be shared by all the family members included in the policy. Since customers have a wide range of policy benefits, one can easily have the best coverage as needed by them. The Premium and Exclusive variants are designed to give maternity and new born baby coverage so that new families too can avail the coverage. There is also the benefit of getting daily cash for accompanying an insured child who is less than 12 years old.

Apollo Munich ensures that the policy is designed to give complete protection from all kinds of healthcare costs. The plan also offers health check-ups with the policy. The pre- and post-hospitalization costs are also covered by the policy, thus allowing family members the freedom to pursue the entire treatment and therefore restore health completely. The value-added services are meant to give extra protection to the family and take care of all the future problems.

Easy Health Insurance—Individual – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan is made to assist an individual in his/her curative and preventive medical needs. The medical insurance policy also focuses on the economic necessities of the insured. All-round wellness is promoted through the plan.

The Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan comes in three variants:
  • Standard
  • Exclusive
  • Premium

It covers operation theatre costs, ICU costs, diagnostic procedures, anesthesia, oxygen, blood, boarding and lodging, etc. Cost of prosthetics and other equipment and devices, which are implanted internally during surgery, are also covered. Once bought, this plan is valid for one year.

140 day-care procedures and 8 critical illnesses (optional) are covered in the Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan. Pre- and post-hospitalization costs are also reimbursed, in accordance with policy rules and regulations. The Easy Health Plan has a Portability Policy that makes it possible for users to shift from other mediclaim providers to Apollo Munich. Policyholders can avail tax benefits under section 80 (D) of the Income Tax Act. They can also earn a Cumulative bonus for a claim-free year.

Many add-on services are provided to supplement the plan:
  • Healthline—Customers can call the ‘Healthline’ for guidance on medical care anytime they need it.
  • Let’s Stay Healthy—Customers can use the portal to keep a check on their health and lead a better life.
  • Cashless Hospitalization—this feature is available with the premium and exclusive variants of the plan. The insured can avail treatment practically free of cost in network hospitals.

Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan makes availing healthcare as simple as possible for Indians.

Insure Health – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Insure Health is an easy-to-buy health insurance plan from Apollo Munich that covers in-patient medical costs. The plan enables users to avoid getting into the lengthy procedures, like medical check-ups, to buy a mediclaim policy. The plan has been designed to make health insurance cheap and easy-to-use so that the insured person can get good quality treatment without giving it a second thought.

The Insure Health Plan can be used to cover either an individual or a family (which can include spouse, dependent children, and/or dependent parents). The plan provides tax benefits under section 80 (D) of the Income Tax Act. The Plan is valid for 1 year.

The benefits of Insure Health Plan are given below:

  • The Medical Expenses for inpatient hospitalization which includes room rent and boarding expenses, intensive care unit, medical practitioner charges, nursing, blood, anesthesia, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, diagnostic procedures are covered by the policy. The cost of medicines, drugs, other consumables and medical implants (prosthetic and other devices if implanted internally during a Surgical Procedure) are all covered by the plan.
  • Pre- and Post-hospitalization charges are also fulfilled by this health insurance policy.
  • Day-care procedures i.e., treatments that last for less than 24 hours are covered by this policy.
  • Medical expenses for the treatment of the organ donor, for the harvesting the donated organ are taken care of by the plan, if the organ donor is insured.
  • Ayush Benefit offers cover for inpatient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy.

The Insure Health Plan is more step from Apollo Munich to Uncomplicate healthcare solutions in India.

Maxima – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Maxima Plan is India’s first 360 degree plan which covers both inpatient and outpatient treatment costs. The health insurance plan from Apollo Munich has been designed to provide wide-ranging coverage to all individuals so that there is no lapse in their healthcare.
Outpatient Benefits:
  • Outpatient Consultations
  • Diagnostic Tests within specified Network
  • Pharmacy within specified Network
  • Outpatient Dental Treatment within specified Network
  • Spectacles, Contact lenses within specified Network
  • Annual Health Check Up within specified Network
Inpatient Benefits:
  • In-patient Treatment –hospitalization expenses for room rent, boarding expenses, nursing, intensive care unit, medical practitioner(s), anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, Medicines, drugs and consumables, Diagnostic procedures, Cost of prosthetic & other devices or equipments if implanted internally during a Surgical Procedure
  • Pre- and post-hospitalization expenses.
  • Day-Care procedures –140 Day care procedures which do not require 24 ours hospitalization.
  • Domiciliary Treatment – If the insured avails treatment (that would have required hospitalization) at his/her place of residence, the amount spent is compensated.
  • Organ Donor - Expenses for an organ donor’s treatment in the event of organ transplantation.
  • Emergency Ambulance costs are reimbursed.
  • Maternity Expenses
  • Cover for Newborn babies
  • Daily Cash for choosing shared accommodation
  • Daily Cash for accompanying an insured child

The Maxima plan gives customers a chance to get lifelong renewal on their mediclaim policy. Users are also given the option of going for periodic health check-ups to ensure continuous good health.
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