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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Easy Health Insurance—Family Floater - Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Family Health Insurance Plan is meant to protect the insured family against medical costs and at the same time meets their curative and preventive medical needs. The plan is designed to make sure that the insured stays healthy and maintains good health at all times.

Standard, Exclusive, and Premium are the three variants in which the Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan is available. The cover amount starts from Rs. 2,00,000 and goes up to Rs. 10,00,000. This family floater plan is valid for one year.

Operation theatre costs, diagnostic procedures, ICU costs, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, boarding and lodging, cost of prosthetics and other equipments and devices, implanted internally during surgery, etc. are covered in the plan. There are several benefits available with the plan, some of which are:

Pre- and Post-hospitalization costs—costs incurred within 30 days prior to and 60 days after a treatment are covered in this policy. The cover may be extended, in accordance with policy terms and conditions.
Day-care procedures—there are 140 day-care treatments (those procedures that last for less than 24 hours) which are covered.
Critical Illness—the plan covers 8 critical illnesses. Either the whole or half the basic sum insured can be insured for critical illnesses.

Along with the above listed benefits, the plan offers a Portability Policy. Users can shift from Indian medical insurance providers to Apollo Munich. Cumulative Bonus (at the end of a claim-free year) and Tax benefits (under section 80 (D) of the Income Tax Act) are some more benefits that the insured family can avail.

Apollo Munich provides value-added services that assist customers in staying healthy:
  • Healthline
  • Let’s Stay Healthy
  • Cashless Hospitalization

Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Family Health Insurance Plan uncomplicates healthcare solutions for the family.

The Easy Health Family Floater policy has been designed to give customers complete protection from the medical problems that are likely to affect them. The coverage amount and the benefits of the policy are to be shared by all the family members included in the policy. Since customers have a wide range of policy benefits, one can easily have the best coverage as needed by them. The Premium and Exclusive variants are designed to give maternity and new born baby coverage so that new families too can avail the coverage. There is also the benefit of getting daily cash for accompanying an insured child who is less than 12 years old.

Apollo Munich ensures that the policy is designed to give complete protection from all kinds of healthcare costs. The plan also offers health check-ups with the policy. The pre- and post-hospitalization costs are also covered by the policy, thus allowing family members the freedom to pursue the entire treatment and therefore restore health completely. The value-added services are meant to give extra protection to the family and take care of all the future problems.


  1. Easy Health--Family plan can be said a complete health insurance plan. its three variants are succeessful in finding place in budget of people of all income groups.

  2. I have many friends who have taken the same health insurance plan. The plan is good and so I think I will be buying it too. Apollo Munich seems good.

  3. I used to be one of those people who avoided healthcare to save-up money for my kids' education. Now that I have an insurance plan from Apollo Munich, I do not do that. I realised that saving was not enough for the treatment.

  4. i think this policy should be taken by all families... it is simple and covers everyone's needs.. i have the plan so i can say it...

  5. Family Floater has excellent benefits.


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