Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Mediclaim – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich is a medical insurance provider in India. The company aims at uncomplicating health insurance in the country by taking the jargon out of policy wordings and the trouble out of availing treatment. There are several mediclaim policies that Apollo Munich offers customers they can broadly be classified into 3 groups:

• Pure Health Plans: Apollo Munich’s pure health plans are designed to take on any kind of health-related problems. The plans offered include:
  • Easy Health Family Floater Health Insurance Plan
  • Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan
  • Insure Health
  • Maxima
• Travel Insurance Plans: These policies assist people face all kinds of travel-related exigencies and problems such as baggage loss, medical assistance, etc. The plans include:
  • Easy Travel Plan
  • Easy Domestic Travel Plan

• Accident Insurance Plan: The company offers Personal Accident Plan to safeguard people from financial constrain when faced with unpredictable incidents which affect the health of the individual.

Each of these plans is designed after a thorough analysis of the Indian healthcare market. Thus the plans are custom-made to bridge the gap between the medical care needs and the cost of healthcare in India. Apollo Munich premiums are cheap and the plans are comprehensive. There are a number of value-added services which provide policyholders with the advantage of staying healthy without spending much money while doing so.


  1. I used the Easy Travel plan while traveling out on business. The plan was from my company, but i have now decided to buy an insurance policy for myself from them. they are good.

  2. I have bought Personal Accident plan and feels as if both me and my family have the complete coverage.

  3. I have realised that the cost of healthcare seems to be going up regularly. I am not the kind of person who likes saying no to family when it comes to healthcare and so I bought them the Apollo Munich Maxima plan. Try it, it's good.

  4. the plans are very nice.. .i have the easy health policy...


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