Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Wins Innovation of the Year Award

Apollo Munich Health Insurance- a standalone health insurance provider in India bags a prestigious ‘Innovation of the Year’ award instituted by Asia Insurance Review at its Sixteenth Asia Insurance Industry Awards in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. The company was honoured this coveted award in recognition of the unbelievable product, Optima Restore. With this honour, Apollo Munich became the first ever standalone health insurance company to win an award at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards. Also it is the first Indian General Insurer to win this award.

The ‘Innovation of the Year’ award, the most sought after category, saw numerous entries from different parts of Asia, as it recognizes and rewards the idea that generated the most innovative approach to a significant business area with real impact on the market or business. Optima Restore brings this award for Apollo Munich for introducing first of its kind benefit in health insurance industry. Competing with several major companies throughout Asia, Apollo Munich made its way right to the victory. Thereafter, undergoing the drilling session of the interview followed by the challenge session, judges took the decision and awarded Apollo Munich with this coveted award.

This is a great honour for Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company giving it a recognition for making genuine efforts through unique products like Optima Restore. The insurer has come through a long journey. It always encourages new ideologies that can help make life easier and health insurance uncomplicated for citizens. 

Optima Restore is a health insurance policy that stands out with truly unique benefits. These benefits being introduced for the first time in health insurance industry gained the attention of majority of people. It received great response in market bringing along excellent results. This product adheres to its title of “Unbelievable”. Driven by the truly innovative approach, Apollo Munich launched this product to resolve healthcare worries simultaneously making the insurance coverage beneficial for buyers. It is thus a truly deserved award that encourages new ideas to develop in medical insurance sector.

Apollo Munich works with defined set of values and vision. Accompanied with hard work, efficient working and expert guidance, the company aims at meeting the target of customer satisfaction. Having launched a plan like Optima Restore, it has given an opportunity to people to enjoy comprehensive coverage along with unique insurance benefits. The ‘Restore Benefit’, restore the entire sum insured amount if the insured happen to exhaust in the middle of the policy period. This allow other family members to enjoy healthcare coverage under the same plan in times of need. On the other hand, ‘Multiplier Benefit’ offers services as per the name. It multiplies the amount to offer no claim bonus. Increasing the sum insured amount (maximum up to 100%), it makes the benefit of no claim bonus unique. Both these unique benefits can be availed without any extra charge. Along with this the plan features yet another list of unique healthcare benefits.

The plan also resolves the affordability issue. It is available in the sum insured ranging from 3 lakh to 15 lakh. It thus makes easy for all income groups to enjoy unique healthcare coverage without any burden on pocket. With such unique benefits, Optima Restore came into market as an Unbelievable health plan. Adhering to its tagline, it gives the option of availing innovative insurance coverage at reasonable price. With this plan, one can opt for comprehensive coverage along with wide ranging insurance benefits.

Apollo Munich works with the endeavor, to service its customers better and uncomplicated health insurance for them. Its vision is not merely restricted to settling down the claim but is actually interested in customer’s all round well being. Holding the hand of the client, it assists them in their towards good health. The broader aim is to improve the healthcare condition all across the nation. With this view, Apollo Munich is looking forward to emerge with several innovative options like this in future.

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