Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich’s Optima Restore - A Floater Plan

Optima Restore is a newly launched health plan by Apollo Munich Health Insurance. It is a plan with certain unique features. Apollo Munich has always served people with the best-in-class products. By providing comprehensive floater health plans, it has provided protection to various families. Optima Restore joins the list of products offered by it.

It is a plan that stands out with some innovative features. The person can purchase the plan as an individual cover or as a family health cover. Optima Restore can assure the health security of all family members at the cost of single premium. Being a floater plan it includes the insured, spouse, dependent parents and dependent children. Thus it can offer the best health services to all members.

But there are two crucial benefits that make this plan notable and the first of its kind. First is the Restore benefit that automatically reinstates the basic sum insured in case you exhaust it in a policy year. This restored insurance amount can be utilized for any other illness. It assists the person to a great extent as the amount gets restored at no extra charge. This facility is an innovative incorporation that makes the plan different.

The Multiplier benefit is the other feature that enriches the complete package. It is a benefit that facilitates a bonus at every claim free year. It works on the fundamental of increasing the sum insured by 50% if there is no claim in the first year. This bonus is extended to 100% of the sum insured at the end of the second claim-free year. However, if the claim is made, the bonus gets reduced by 50% of the basic sum insured.

While you apply for Optima Restore family health cover, you can also get entitled to a family discount of 10%. This bonus gets activated if 2 or more family members are covered under the plan. Besides this, the policy can be renewed for one’s entire lifetime. The insured can avail the life- long cover of this unique health plan. Also one can enjoy the service of cashless health treatment. Apollo Munich maintains a network with 4000 hospitals. By availing the medication from any such empanelled hospital, the insured can get rid of the worrisome task of settling the medical bills.

In addition Optima Restore allows the tax benefits to the policy holder. The premium amount paid for it qualifies for the deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Thus Apollo Munich gives you another accessible and affordable opportunity to avail of the best health care. Get insured with Optima Restore and enjoy these unbelievable and matchless benefits. 

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