Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Critical Illness – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich develops health insurance plans after a thorough market survey and analysis. The company, which is a joint venture between Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health, focuses on overall wellbeing of a person. The critical illness plan has been designed to keep a person safe from expenses incurred in during treatment of a critical illness.

There are 8 critical diseases covered under the critical illness benefits are:
  • Cancer
  • Coronary artery surgery
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke
  • First heart attack
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Major organ transplantation
  • Paralysis

Some of the features of Apollo Munich plans with critical illness cover are:
  • Premium rates are competitive
  • Tax exemptions under section 80 (D) of the Income Tax Act.
  • Insured can opt for the sum insured during the Critical Illness

All compensations are done in accordance with policy terms and conditions. A critical illness plan is an optional benefit to your medical insurance policy. It lets you save-up and stay prepared for any health-related problem. Critical illnesses are covered in Maxima, Easy Health Family Health Insurance Plan, Easy Health Individual Health Insurance Plan, and Insure Health Plan. However, the plan is available only with the Exclusive and Premium variants of both Easy Health Plans.

There are certain conditions under which the Critical Illness cover is paid.
  • An insured is diagnosed as suffering from a Critical Illness during a policy period
  • He/she survives for at least 30 days after diagnosis.

Apollo Munich thus provides protection from any kind of medical problem that the user might face.


  1. My friend has actually used the critical illness cover from Apollo Munich. The plan is good and it is easy to use.

  2. Apollo Munich's Easy Health is really a good plan as there is no need to buy coverage for Critical Illness, if you have Easy Health policy with Critical Illness.

  3. I have been looking for a plan that covers critical illness. so I am glad to hear it from Apollo Munich.

  4. this is a very good benefit from the company... i did not know such benefits were present... thanks...

  5. One must take critical illness cover to deal with the worst possible scenario. Apollo Munich seems to cover all the major possible critical illnesses.

  6. This is great, and critical illness cover should be made compulsory.

  7. Good to see that so many fatal illnesses being covered by Apollo Munich.

  8. It is of utmost importance to keep critical illness option in your plan, as these times can be very financially draining.


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