Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Health Insurance Covered Plans - Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company has emerged in market with several products to help an individual and to fulfill his needs of health insurance. Their products are customized to match the requirement. Is it that you are looking for an individual plan or for your family, you can easily find a plan to suit your needs. If you are an employer and looking for health cover for your employees, you can have a corporate or group plan to match your needs and budget.

Here is the description of the plans offered by Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company
  • Solution for Individuals

Easy health Insurance

  1. Easy health insurance- for individuals
  2. Easy health Insurance- for family

Easy Travel Insurance

  • Individual Personal Accident Insurance

  1. Easy travel- Individual
  2. Easy travel- Family
  3. Easy travel- Senior citizen

Solution for Corporates

  1. Easy health corporate
  2. Group personal Accident
  3. Easy travel Corporate


  1. Apollo Munich has well designed health insunace plans for one and all in the country. i suggest all to get their plan as they includes the longest list of benefits such that it fulfills the health needs of the people.

  2. Apollo Munich is really a good organization that has focussed on healthcare needs of individuals, families and employees. a wide range of products have been brought to offer health cover to the people.

  3. I have seen many of the plans from Apollo Munich. My friends have many of their plans, in fact even my grand mother has used their travel plan.

  4. I agree with tanu... the plans from the company are very good. And i too have used them. Apollo Munich's Optima Cash is also good.

  5. rightly said... the plans from Apollo Munich are very good...

  6. Sounds like they have plans based on all possible requirements...


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