Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Health insurance Premium - Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Health insurance premium is the amount paid by the insured (policy holder) to the health insurance company after a particular time span this amount is to be paid till the policy matures or it may vary from company to company like the coverage limit. Thus, it is recommendable to compare quotes and facilities offered by different insurance companies before making a selection.

Traditionally, the premium amount was calculated by an insurance agent according to the customer's requirement. Nowadays, for the ease of clients, many websites provide premium comparative chart, which gives direct knowledge of the premium amount associated with different insurance plans. On other hand, some insurance sites provide an option of premium calculator, which helps customers to calculate their premium themselves. This online means of premium calculation has proved to be beneficial for both the company and customers.

The premium amount depends upon the plan opted for, clients' health, coverage limit and the candidate's age.

Premium amount takes the following points into consideration:
Cost of advertising
Cost of selling
Cost of services rendered by healthcare practitioners
Investment of premium amount
Margin in profit
Administration of insurance programs

It has been noticed that the premium charged for individual plans is higher than family insurance plan and group insurance plan. So, look into your needs, compare the quotes, calculate the premium amount and learn about tax implication and claim procedures before making your final choice.

The amount of premium may vary state-wise, as per the norms of a company.


  1. i would like to suggest all to use premium calculator to calculate their premium, as it maintins the transparency between the client and the company.

    i have used Apollo Munich's premium calculator and found it a better means than all others.

  2. I searched a lot but could find no better plan than Apollo Munich. The company charges very less premium and offers wide coverage.

  3. I have seen the Apollo Munich website and used the premium calculator there to check the premium. The coverage they offered was good.

  4. I agree with Saru and Sania... The premium calculator is simple and easy. Apollo Munich has realy uncomplicated that part of health insurance...

  5. thanks for the info...


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