Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Health insurance Claim - Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich Health insurance claim procedure is very specific, depending upon the company's rules and regulations. It differs in planned or emergency hospitalization. To avail for inpatient hospitalization services, you can go in any hospital in the country.

If it is from the Apollo Munich's network, you can avail the cashless service, where you can get the treatment for free. In this case, the company pays your treatment expenses directly to the hospital. But, in second case, where an insured gets the treatment in non-network hospital, he/she has to pay the bill and then can claim, up to the sum insured, for the medical expenses incurred.

You can claim the money by filling the claim forms, which can be collected either from company's office, from agents or online. The following information should be correct to claim for the reimbursement of medical expenses.
  • Name of the policy holder
  1. Contact details
  2. Policy number
  3. Date and time of problem
  4. Location of problem
  5. Nature of problem

You can register your request for the claims or you can even speak to representative on phone number mentioned on the Apollo Munich site or can even mail on the mail address provided.


  1. i have used other health insurance plasn and am now using Apollo Munich plan. i think the cliam process of Apollo Munich is the easiest.

    in addition, their customer service makes it even more simpler and uncomplicated and they even reimburse the amount in the specified number of days, if all the documents are submitted on time.

  2. I have made a claim twice from Apollo Munich and have not found any problem. Really a good and speedy process.

  3. I have used the Apollo Munich claim procedure while admiting a friend. The whole thing was simple. I had to help him in getting the claim settled after surgery. The helpline assistants were very helpful at that time. The steps are simple.

  4. Thanks for the info. I have an Apollo Munich plan and agree that it is worth every penny.

  5. the claim procedure is simple and fast...


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