Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Why Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich is one of the foremost insurance providers in India. It is one of the only two pure health insurance providers in the country. The joint venture has knowledge of the changing trends in healthcare and insurance due to their pedigreed lineage. While on the one hand Apollo Munich has access to healthcare information from Apollo Group of Hospitals, they understand the art of providing good cover through Munich Health. The company therefore can proudly say “We know Healthcare, We know Insurance”.

Apollo Munich plans are designed after a thorough market survey. This survey highlights the problems faced by people when trying to avail healthcare or use health insurance. Experts at Apollo Munich then design plans to bridge the gap between the choices available and the needs of customers.

Travel plans and accident plans offered by Apollo Munich prove to give a lot of added benefits to the customers. For example, the Personal Accident Plan provides ambulance cover in case of emergency; the Easy Travel Plan offers medical assistance over phone, and references to medical centers in the new place. There are several value-added services offered alongside Apollo Munich’s health policies. These services promote well-being.

Apollo Munich plans are cheap and can be afforded by one and all. The ‘Buy Online’ feature gives easy access to consumers especially those who wish to buy health insurance without brokers. Apollo Munich provides an ‘Online Premium Calculator’ that enables clients to check how much premium they can afford the cover they would get with it.

Thus Apollo Munich gives users a whole list of reasons why to choose them over any other company.

When a person falls ill, there are a number of things that are important. People need to have the right kind of policy that can cover all kinds of medical problems. The Apollo Munich policies are all designed to give customers complete access to the best medical care treatments in the country.

One of the prime reasons why people choose Apollo Munich is because the policies cover more than just the cost of the treatment. Easy Health, Maxima and Insurance Health offer coverage for the costs incurred before and after a policy holder is hospitalized under the pre- and post-hospitalization coverage benefit. The plans also cover day-care procedures which need less than 24 hour’s hospitalization.

The fact that comprehensive health insurance benefits are provided with all the policies means that customers have the advantage of getting the best quality treatment without worrying about healthcare costs. Apollo Munich also provides coverage for domiciliary treatments where customers need to avail the treatment at home due to either a medical reason or any other reason listed in the policy wordings. As said before… the list of reason is endless…


  1. I too was confused about which company to select. But after reading this I am sure it will be Apollo Munich.

  2. I have heard of many health insurance providers. But where the Apollo name comes in they win hands down. I too have planned on buying an Apollo Munich health insurance plan.

  3. I have heard a lot about the company from my friends... Many of them have the Easy Health plan from Apollo Munich...

  4. I have seen that Apollo Munich has created plans to suit the needs of people of different ages and backgrounds.


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