Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Vision of Healthline - Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Apollo Group of Hospitals is known for revolutionizing the healthcare industry in India. Similarly, Munich Health is a part of world renowned Munich Re, the largest re-insurer in the world. The two giants have come together to form The Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company, to bring some of the most innovative, unique but simple medical care solutions to Indians.

Apollo Munich has quite a few add-on services to enable policyholders to remain healthy without incurring huge medical bills. The ‘Healthline’ is a classified and complimentary service offered by Apollo Munich to its customers. Doctors who answer calls provide the caller with information and guidelines on lifestyle, diet and other such health-related topics.

Services followed by Healthline
  • Helps understand diagnostic conditions
  • Prepare queries prior to doctor visit
  • Information of specific medications
  • Develop and sustain healthy habits
  • Knowledge about chronic ailments
  • Steps to be taken in emergencies
  • Guidance about self-care, minor injuries and illness

Healthline Services are accessible from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM

In order to access the Healthline, you will need to login and register as a user.

  • You will first have to accept a medico-legal disclaimer.
  • Next you will need to provide the doctor answering the call some basic health details.
  • Then the doctor may ask you about symptoms and other health related issues
  • Finally, you will be recommended various ways to stay healthy. The doctor may ask you to visit a doctor or hospital.


  1. The service of healthline is found to be of great use. Apollo Munich's efforts to make medical treatment accessible is worth priasing.

  2. The Apollo Munich Healthline was useful in getting a second opinion on my medical reports. They also recommended some more tests and doctors i could visit.

  3. I have heard a lot about health insurance. I did not think I needed one until I went to hospital. Now I have planned on buying a plan from Apollo Munich.

  4. the healthline is a very interesting service from Apollo Munich.


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