Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Personal Accident Insurance – Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Personal Accident Plan from Apollo Munich has been designed to keep the individual safe from monetary constraints after an unforeseen event. The Plan covers a vast range of problems that the insured is likely to face in such a situation.

The Personal Accident Plan covers people from the age of 5 years to 69 years (the cover ceases when the insured is 70 years). The plan can cover either just the individual or the family (which can include spouse, dependent parents, and/or dependent children. Children can be covered from the 91st day of the plan.

Some of the benefits that can be availed with the plan are:

• Accidental Death—if the insured passes away due to any unforeseen event, a lump sum is paid.
• Permanent Disablement—if a person covered by the policy faces any sort of permanent partial or total disability, Apollo Munich pays a lump sum in accordance with the policy rules.
• Temporary Total Disablement—In the event of temporary total disablement, the income lost is compensated by weekly allowances.
• Emergency Ambulance Cover is provided if the policyholder needs to be hospitalized after an unpredictable incident.
• The cost of transferring mortal remains of the individual from the site of accident to either his/her residence or to the cremation/burial ground are also covered by the plan.
• An educational fund is provided for dependent children in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.
• The cost of transportation incurred by the individual’s family is also covered as per the policy rules.
The Personal Accident Plan also covers medical expenses, cost of blood, and transportation of imported medicines. Alongside the various benefits Apollo Munich’s Personal Accident plan also provides cumulative bonus (for claim-free years) and offers customers family discounts. The policy compensates the individual no matter where the accident occurs.


  1. I have bought Personal Accident plan and feels as if both me and my family have the complete coverage.

  2. I have read the benefits of this Apollo Munich plan and they seem very useful. The best part is that they cover the family needs also.

  3. I have seen many of my friends with group cover from Apollo Munich. The plans are good and I think the extra services too are nice. Healthcare organizations are good. Good blog.

  4. everyone should stay safe from accidents... that is why it is important to have personal accident plans...

  5. One always gets insurance for one's car. How can we hesitate about accident insurance for ourselves?

  6. This plan seems to have good features...


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