Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Health Insurance Coverage - Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is the amount of financial and medical protection given to a policy holder by an insurance company. The extent of coverage provided by a company is stated in its terms and conditions. Insurance coverage may have narrow prospective or a broader one, depending upon the plan opted for.

There are two types of coverage provided by a health insurance company. These are:-

1.Cashless hospitalization

In this case, an insurance company establishes links with the hospitals provide treatment to the insured person, up to the sum insured and in return, hospital claims the payment from the insurance company and not from the customer. This facility is mainly for in-patients treatment and not for an out-patient.

2.Non Network hospitalization
In this case, the patient gets treatment in any hospital, for the disease or treatment, which has been covered and then claim for the medical expenses incurred, up to the sum insured. Here, hospitals has nothing to do with an insurance company.

Depending upon the plan, health insurance coverage can be for:-
  • Individuals

In, only an insured person gets the benefits of the policy purchased.
  • Family

In the entire family (an insured, his/her spouse, dependent parents and dependent children) is covered.
  • Group

It is generally opted by employers for covering their employees against arising health risk.

Similarly there can be health insurance coverage against risk arising from:
  • Travel

It fulfills the financial and medical needs arising from travel to any corner of the country.
  • Accident

It provides medical and financial protection for exigencies arising due to an accident.

Thus, look into your needs, decide upon the cover required and then purchase the policy that fulfills all your requirements.


  1. i bought Apollo Munich's Easy Health plan for my family and found it to be complete in itself,as it provides wide health cover to all my family members under the same plan.

    i appreciate the way, the company has brought its products to offer coevrage to all people while they are driving on road, flying in air or carrying out their normal routine life.

  2. Easy Health--Family plan can be said a complete health insurance plan. its three variants are succeessful in finding place in budget of people of all income groups.

  3. I have used the plans from Apollo Munich, they are very good. the main benefit is the fact that the insurance plans are easily viewable online. i read the plans before buying them, so now ia can use it more easily.

  4. I agree with all the above. Apollo Munich is a good insurance provider.

  5. the coverage options that are given from Apollo Munich are good. It is important to have the coverage...

  6. Cashless is best, but last time i was hospitalised it was an emergency so could not inform Apollo Munich in advance. They were very understanding, and reimbursment was very quick.


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